Corazón de hielo (Triple Threat) (Spanish Edition)

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Come look! Interesting insights! We can turn this graphs into a different kind of visualization, to ratify our output from last graphs and maybe find something new.

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An interesting trend appears if we analyze how the amount of words he uses in his songs varied along the years. The top is his album Bailar en la cueva with over words. Which would be the songs with more words? The following:. Guitarra y vos tops the ranking for most words in a song with almost words. G iven the case of dealing with strict content analysis, the concept of lexical density is known as the measure of the number of content words as a proportion of the total number of words — a value which ranges from 0 to As a general rule, if a text has greater lexical density, the more content heavy it is — texts with low lexical density are easier to understand.

According to Wikipedia the formula is as follows:. So, check this out!


Big tendency to decrease with time. Lexical density actually goes down from La luz que sabe robar to Salvavidas de hielo Frontera seems to be a pretty consistent album in terms of lexical density, while Sea is all over the place.

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Now, Myles invented another metric. Basically lyrical density is the amount of words per unit of time. How fast information travels? How many units of language can you put in a second? The distribution looks like this:. This is amazing. Now what happens if we graph them against each other? By checking the outliers of this little graph, we can see that:.

Selected Poems of Luis de Gongora: A Bilingual Edition (Spanish Edition)

W ell, here we are with something a little bit more juicy than just counting words. Sentiment analysis, according to Wikipedia , is the use of natural language processing, text analysis, computational linguistics, and biometrics to systematically identify, extract, quantify, and study affective states and subjective information. In this case, I used a couple of really good resources to do this.

The NRC Emotion Lexicon is a list of English words and their associations with eight basic emotions anger, fear, anticipation, trust, surprise, sadness, joy, and disgust and two sentiments negative and positive. The annotations were manually done by crowdsourcing. EmoLex has also published its lexicon translated into more than languages automatically with Google Translate. This could be seen as eagerness, excitement, longing, melancholy, grief, sorrow, desolation or just plain sadness.

To no surprise for anyone who has ever listened to his music, the songs show very little anger or disgust. How do this emotions pan out in the albums? Which is the saddest album and which the one that holds more anticipation? Like my first suspicion, sadness and anger are heavily correlated.

Also anger and disgust. To check a detailed description of each of the features, visit this. A disclaimer needs to be made, though: all of those are calculated using either machine learning or signal processing techniques. Jorge uses two types of time signatures. Those with 3 beats in a bar and those with 4. The mean tempo of his songs is bpm. His slowest is Hermana Duda from 12 segundos de oscuridad with a tempo of 64 bpm. Remember the following? The tendency in lyrical density went up through time and albums, he sang faster and faster.

Selected Poems of Luis de Gongora: A Bilingual Edition (Spanish Edition)

Number of words too, as it was correlated to lyrical density. Lexical density had the inverted effect: with time Jorge wrote less dense-with-content, easier to understand lyrics. Now track length , the duration of the song, has decreased slowly with the years. Also, the fastest he sang, the shorter the songs got and the easier to understand they turned. It is not clear why the reference is to the English, not the French, beyond the fact that England was the chief enemy at this time. The Puente de Segovia, however, which is still there, is quite grand.

Lines 9— The story of the purgative evidently refers to some contemporary event. Soneto The date of this sonnet is controversial. I feel, however, that the play on words is in tune with the original. Line 4: The Italian phrase illustri cavaglier refers to gentlemen who have given themselves a fancy Italian title. Lines 7—8: Carriages drawn by many horses are ostentatious. Tiradas, as well as meaning those who are drawn in the carriages, was slang for prostitute. Lines 10— The attributes of militia and lawyers have been transposed: the former carry legal documents, the latter bear arms.

Line There was a rule at court that those with houses of more than one story had to provide lodging for court servants. Small, one-story houses built to avoid this requirement were known as casas a la malicia. Line Perejil, parsley, was slang for excrement. Romance This treats the same subject as no. Lines 19— Pasa.

I tried to include both meanings because I liked the idea of the rosary as an abacus. But the double-entendre relates to a trick for retaining virginity despite the fact that she has two lovers. I am not clear about what one ordinary and one express means but it is not hard to imagine possibilities. Lines 46— Don Gaiferos, rescuing his wife Melisandre on horseback after her long captivity, dismounted to relieve himself.

Soneto This sonnet is closely related in language and subject matter to the First Solitude. It may or may not be autobiographical.

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He wrote another sonnet on this illness and a third addressed to the bishop in which he speaks of his courteous treatment and of his having fallen ill. Lines 1—8: A different order was needed in English because in the Spanish the opening phrase is the object of the verb at the end of line 6. Soneto This sonnet was severely criticized by Father Pineda Sonetos, ed.

It was a well-known story: everyone was in love with Angelica, princess of Cathay, but she was hard-hearted and responded to none of her suitors, until she met Medoro, a noble African. Lines 25— The diamond is of course Angelica, because she is so hard-hearted. There was a belief that diamonds could be softened by blood. Line The count is Roland or Orlando, driven mad by her indifference. Soneto The court was moved from Madrid to Valladolid between and Lines 1—4: By royal decree all visitors had to register with Don Diego de Ayala and obtain a permit for the number of days they wanted to stay.

This in turn suggests how his culto style arises from the desire to dignify the ordinary rather than to show off his erudition. Line 2: There is no adequate English for serranas, girls of the mountains.